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An independently-prepared ‘buying guide’ for cloud ERP

As organizations realize the advantages of cloud computing, an increasing number are committed to moving as many of their applications as possible away from their on-premises infrastructure.

Without cloud ERP, an organization will still be running a significant percentage of its apps portfolio on-premises – which necessitates a significant capital outlay and HR investment, as well as a commitment to ongoing IT maintenance.

This special report was developed by Computer Economics, a leading research organization that provides metrics for IT management focusing on the strategic and financial efficacy and efficiency of information systems.

The ‘Understanding Cloud ERP Buyers and Providers’ White Paper investigates the two main types of cloud ERP buyers, as well as outlining the two major categories of cloud ERP providers – and concludes with recommendations for buyers looking to make the best choice. It’s intended to provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision on what type of cloud ERP is ideal for your business.

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