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How will the scope of work within the finance team change over the next 10 years?

How will your job change? Everyone who works in a mid to senior role in finance, accounting, operations and management needs to read this special research report on how industry leaders from around the world view the evolution of the finance function over the coming years.

The previous ‘Future of the Finance Function 2016’ revealed a new generation of CFOs and senior finance executives striving to fulfil a substantially expanded role. They are being called on to shape strategic direction, champion business partnering, embrace technology to improve productivity and learn how to manage and analyse the burgeoning volume of data.

Results from the most recent survey ‘The Future of the Finance Function 2017’ bear out the increasing importance of data to competitive strategy, yet also identifies that data complacency is limiting the effective discovery and use of new sources of insight. There are plenty more aspects covered in the report, which was facilitated through the ‘Modern Finance Forum’ on LinkedIn.

The findings come from a large survey of senior people working in finance roles conducted in late 2017. The responses were then analysed and assembled by leading finance-focused information publisher, FSN, as a detailed 36-page report – that’s yours to download right now.

Download the report

Download the report

Discover how the scope of work will change within the finance team over the next 10 years.