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Does SaaS save more money than on-premise systems?

For organisations to make intelligent and informed decisions regarding a possible migration to the cloud, it is important to understand the relative costs of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) versus on-premise systems – and which alternative allows you to do more.

Are cloud-based solutions or on-premise deployed systems more cost-effective over the long run? What are the relative costs of SaaS compared to physically installed systems? Does cloud computing or fixed licensed software offer you more strategic scope? And can a combination of both deliver benefits?

Most traditional vendors of IT products and services state that on-premise software is more cost-effective over the longer term than cloud-based alternatives. On the other hand, cloud providers point out that the upfront savings are significant and the real benefits of SaaS are not just in direct cost savings, but rather the widespread and real-time advantages that the cloud brings to an organisation.

Find out which one costs less and which offers more, from an analysis of current cloud ERP users benchmarked against industry averages of on-premise software systems. Download the ‘Economic and Strategic Benefits of Cloud Computing’ White Paper now.

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Does SaaS save money?

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